Following the big freeze, get irrigation systems checked to avoid plant damage

sprinkler head

We are at that time of year where we are having warmer days, and we look to returning to our favorite outdoor activities, like backyard BBQ’s! As we re-enter our outdoor living spaces, there are a few maintenance items that should be taken care of to ensure the well being of our landscape plants and trees.

Number one on the list is to get our sprinkler systems checked out. With the freezing temperatures of winter comes the possibility of frozen and broken pipes. The other major concern is that debris might have entered the system and cause malfunctioning valves and sprinklers. Not all malfunctions are as obvious as leaks! When the emitters on the drip irrigation gets plugged you’ll never know until that shrub starts showing stress. And then it might be too late to save the plant from damage!

Valves can open and then fail to close, causing over-watering, flooding and a huge waste of our most precious resource, water. When debris gets lodged in the sprinkler nozzles, or the ports of drip irrigation emitters, they will either quit entirely or spray inefficiently.

The two main benefits of keeping your sprinklers in top working condition are preventing water waste (wasted $$$$$), and getting water to the plants and trees efficiently. The time and dollars invested in the maintenance of your sprinkler system will be paid back many times over in saved water and money!

Whether your landscape is a xeriscape or lush, filled with turf and trees, having your irrigation system working properly will ensure a happy healthy landscape. If you’d like our help with your irrigation system, give us a call.