Hilltop Landscaping fun facts: 40 years adds up

Arguably, The Hilltop has done more to change the face of Albuquerque than other landscaping contractor. And any company that has been in business for a long time starts to build up some accomplishments. After 40 years in the landscape business, The Hilltop has quite a few, so I decided to make a short list. And while I don’t mean to brag (well, maybe just a little), when I looked at this list I was rather impressed myself!

In the past 40 years The Hilltop has:

  • Landscaped more than 50,000 homes in the Albuquerque area
  • Done the “streetscapes” in more than 50 subdivisions
  • Completed thousands of commercial projects
  • Put down enough gravel to make a two lane road from Albuquerque to Santa Fe—and back!
  • Designed and built 40 city and private parks
  • Planted more than 150,000 trees
  • Planted 1,000,000+ shrubs (yes, more than a million!)
  • Installed more than 750 miles of irrigation (enough to run a pipe from Albuquerque to Los Angeles)
  • Put in over 19 miles of irrigation in 2002 (enough to a run a pipe from Nine Mile Hill to Tramway Blvd.)
  • Installed enough grass to make 1000 NFL-size football fields.

But even after 40 years we are not basking in our accomplishments. What has helped The Hilltop be successful over 40 years is our ability to grow and adapt to changes in what customers want. In the late ‘70’s and 80’s water savings were not on people’s minds and customers wanted lush lawns. But through the 90’s and after the turn of the century, customers have become more aware that water is an expensive commodity. We’re now at the forefront of xeriscaping, educating our customers about xeriscape alternatives and helping them create xeriscape gardens.

Most of our success though, has to be tied in to the loyalty of our clients. We have some clients that have used us for every house they have bought, from the starter, two-bedroom tract home, to their much larger dream home 20 years later.

Our clients today want beautiful landscapes that do not impact the environment as much. We do that by providing you with solutions that fit your lifestyles, be it an intimate back yard with a kiva or fire pit; or even an outdoor kitchen! Or perhaps you want to take advantage of Albuquerque’s Xeriscape rebate program.

Whatever the landscaping “landscape”, we are proud to continue to serve Albuquerque and the rest of New Mexico after 40 years.