I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV, but I’ve helped resuscitate a few landscapes

35 years ago, when I was a pre-med/biology student at The University of Vermont, I never would have guessed that I would be doing landscaping for a living. And while landscaping is not brain surgery, being a landscaper has its own rewards. The sense of accomplishment that I get from seeing a project go from bare dirt and weeds to a beautiful living space is a joy for me and the other people I work with. On behalf of my friends and colleagues at The Hilltop Landscape Architects and Contractors: Welcome to our new website!

I have been working with The Hilltop for 24 years. The Hilltop is a full service landscape company started in the early 1970’s. We employ several hundred people. As a design/build firm, we have architects and designers that can take your ideas and make them come alive. Our installation crews are knowledgeable in irrigation, plantings, concrete work, masonry, and carpentry and many other things. Our landscape maintenance division does high end residential and commercial maintenance. And our tree care division will help you maintain the aesthetic quality of your trees.

Being a part of the biggest (and best) landscaping company in New Mexico has been a great experience. I found that being a landscaper is more than just pushing a lawn mower around or digging trenches. Through the years I have learned that to be successful you have to work hard, and be willing to learn. The Hilltop has a vast wealth of knowledge and this website is designed to share some of that expertise with you.

  • Our blog will feature short articles from our experts to draw attention to aspects of landscape design, construction and maintenance. This blog will help you find solutions to your landscape problems. You may subscribe to the blog using the RSS feed button in the footer; that way you won’t miss a single post!
  • We encourage you to leave comments or ask questions for future blog articles in the moderated comments area. E-mail us or call us to set up a private consultation.
  • The Plants and Trees for New Mexico Resource will help you find plants that are adapted to the New Mexico climate. Our goal is that the list will serve as a resource to help educate our clients, so that we can work together in creating a landscape that meets their specific needs.
  • Photo galleries highlight some of the work we have done in residential, commercial, landscape maintenance, treecare and xeriscape; and give you ideas for your own landscape. Look for “featured” landscapes in each of our service sections.
  • From time to time we will offer special savings to our customers, so visit often.

I am very excited about our new look and what our site has to offer. It’s not heart surgery, but we at The Hilltop will continue to pour our hearts and souls into every project we do.