Commercial Landscape Services


Think employees are motivated by beige cubicle walls? Think again.

A thriving corporate or business environment has as much to do with the view from the break room as it does with ergonomic chairs.

Design. Build. We do both really, really well.

The Hilltop offers real benefits to the owner or architectural firm on a commercial project. One of our greatest strengths lies in the fact that most of our foreman and key personnel have worked with us for over 15 years. We hold five construction industries division licenses and have three licensed landscape architects on staff full time.

The commercial landscape design team can take a site and grading plan from the engineer or architect, and create an EPC, DRB, or DRC landscape and irrigation plan. Using the original plan, we can revise the drawing and develop a plan for a building permit that can also be used for construction.

From concept through construction to maintenance, we provide single-source solutions for:

  • Commercial, Small and Large: Hotel, Retail, Schools, Multi-family communities
  • Urban and community parks
  • Project signage
  • Greenways and trails
  • Mixed-use subdivision master planning
  • Mitigation plan development

We’re big enough for big jobs, efficient enough for small jobs.

We design and install projects ranging in size from your favorite fast-food restaurant or caffeine-addiction provider to large commercial and industrial sites, as well as subdivision neighborhood entrances, streetscapes and parks.

The commercial design process is done in coordination with the owner to ensure the project is within budget and appealing to all parties involved. Government agency review often involves city meetings and numerous revisions. The Hilltop attends such meetings and provides revised plans throughout the process to ensure the project is viable.

The Hilltop’s commercial team is experienced in designing and constructing to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. We evaluate and implement sustainable strategies such as site analysis, water conservation and eco-friendly maintenance. With the growing demand for green building, The Hilltop is committed to landscape design that is harmonious with the site.