Tree Care Services


Trees add value to your property in more ways than one.

A tree can be more than a significant element in the landscape; it adds to the property value, adds beauty to the home or business, and its shade can cool the environment.

When it comes to caring for trees, The Hilltop has in-house expertise.

Trees need proper, proactive care to remain healthy. Proactive care takes knowledge. The Hilltop can help with a consultation regarding your tree’s needs. A consultation might result in advice for the day-to-day care of the trees, or recommendations such as trimming for aesthetic reasons or reducing the risk of falling branches. Our expert might also recommend removal of a diseased or unsafe tree, although that decision would not be made lightly.

If it involves tree care, we do it.

The services provided by The Hilltop’s tree care division are:

  • Consultation on all aspects of tree care
  • Pruning for safety, tree health, and aesthetics
  • Tree Removal
  • Fallen Tree Removal

The Hilltop’s trained professionals are equipped with the trucks and machinery necessary to take care of your trees safely and efficiently. When the job is complete, the site will be left clean and ready for replacement or other landscaping.