We help you take advantage of the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority xeriscape rebate program—with style.

The xeriscape rebate program gives both resident homeowners and businesses a rebate on water bills for removing a minimum of 500 square feet of grass lawn and replacing it with a landscape that incorporates low and medium water use plants. See our Resources page for links to detailed information about Albuquerque’s rebate program.

The Hilltop has helped hundreds of clients qualify for xeriscape rebates.

The Hilltop has helped many residential and commercial clients with the design, consultation, and installation of a quality low-maintenance landscape, qualifying them to receive the rebate. Whether replacing an existing water-thirsty grass lawn or creating something new, Hilltop Landscaping can create a beautifully integrated water-saving landscape that saves you time and, if you’re in Albuquerque, can earn you a rebate.

Xeriscape is not another word for “boring.” Not with The Hilltop.

The design of a xeric landscape has the advantage of providing visual interest with the wide variety of “hardscaping” elements (such as water features or stone walls) and plants that fit into our New Mexico southwest style. This type of design works extremely well with contemporary architecture as well.

Alternatively, a more classic formal design can be achieved. Year-round interest can be provided with the appropriate plant selections.