Commercial LandscapingHoffmantown Church’s “Mission Field” becomes a reality

For almost 10 years the Hoffmantown congregation had been working to implement the installation of what is now called “Mission Field” on a 9-acre piece of land adjacent to the church. John Rupley, a local landscape architect, had designed and redesigned the plans for the project the entire duration of the project. Gaining final agreement with the City of Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Academy School, and local neighborhood associations, Rupley was able to move the project forward.

The park includes a regulation soccer field; asphalt running trail; multi-level amphitheatre; sand volleyball courts; regulation-size, completely-covered basketball court; shade cover sails of different shapes and sizes; kids playground; serenity prayer garden; benches and tables; and all of this is well-lit and usable at night.

Starting with raw, undisturbed ground, The Hilltop worked with Franklin’s Earthmoving and Atlas Electric to transform the space into the magnificent facility in a period of 7 months. One of the best attributes of this privately owned park is that it is completely watered with non-potable, recycled water coming directly from the City of Albuquerque lines from the Chama diversion project; it is believed to be one of the first facilities in the city to do so. The church graciously allows total public access and use of the facility.