Residential LandscapingIncreased privacy from which to enjoy spectacular views

This West Mesa home has spectacular views overlooking the Petroglyphs toward downtown Albuquerque. The client was concerned about privacy of the back porch and had a substantial list of features to be accommodated in the landscape design, including a shade structure.

First, a wall located at one end of the new solid roof shade structure provides the necessary privacy screen, as well as a windbreak for the barbecue grill. It’s stepped profile plays artfully against the large blank wall of the neighbor’s house. Added features include a firepit with banco, a natural boulder water feature, mossrock retaining wall, and artificial putting green. Plants were chosen for their hardiness and appropriateness for the site—not too large to block their (or their neighbors’) views. The gentle curves, level changes, and textures fit tastefully against the backdrop of the natural open space beyond.