Double rebates for commercial landscapes converted to xeriscape!

xeric landscape

A view from above. Green rectangles. Watered regularly. Fertilized, aerated, inspected daily for spring green. Once lush, taller than 2” or so—what happens to the lush green growth? We cut it! Bag it. Toss it. Week after week, spring through fall. *sigh*

Sounds like a plot to a nonsensical movie; one that never seems to get to the point or leaves you wondering ‘what just happened’? What did just happen? A lot of hard work and then you get to look at a yellow crispy rectangle through winter, until we start it all again.

Stop the madness, I say!

Don’t get me wrong, having a lawn in your front yard or in front of the snazzy retail center that has your favorite coffee-stop is lovely to look at, but what is the purpose? Is it worth the cost of water and maintenance? Lawn does use a lot of water, and it’s simply not practical in all scenarios.

How about converting that unused lawn into a gorgeous xeriscape, one that does have purpose:

  • butterflies, hummingbirds and bumblebees have a food source
  • run-off water from roof and sidewalk has an area to collect and absorb back into the earth (instead of sheeting and flooding the neighboring property)
  • visual interest via evergreens and seasonal flowering shrubs, along with sculptural hardscapes
  • lower water bill
  • utility bill rebate

Wait—what was that? Rebate? The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA) not only has a rebate program, but right now is giving out Double Rebates for commercial customers! “Double rebates” means you receive water bill credits of $1.50 per sq. foot of qualifying landscape. All landscapes must be  inspected and approved by the Water Utility Authority prior to conversion.

Additionally, your commercial project could win a Xeriscape contest with a $12,000 grand prize, $8,000 runner-up, and $5,000 third place, credited against your water bill. Xeriscapes will be judged on design and water-saving potential. The Hilltop can help you with both of those criteria, putting your business or organization in the running for the grand prize.

Visit or download the flyer for more information.