Hard work, long hours, low pay – Apply at the Hilltop

That’s the ad I answered in the paper about 25 years ago.

Today, every time I go to a barbeque or social gathering and meet new people, the conversation inevitably turns to what people do for a living. There’s always a doctor or lawyer or insurance guy bragging about their work. My wife cringes because, I always answer, “I mow grass for a living.” Then after the initial awkward silence, I say “It’s a good living too.”

While the old ad may have been a tiny bit of an exaggeration; our fast-paced business weeds out the weak, the unwilling, and the untalented. Today, The Hilltop operates a very lean business led by seasoned employees and many of our foremen and department heads have been with The Hilltop for twenty plus years. Even the owner of our company, Jim Forrester, started out in the field. It’s this dedication that has set our company apart from others.

So, business is good and we are looking to add another Landscape Architect/Designer to our team. This individual will be able to work in a highly productive environment. They will be experienced in project design and management of residential and commercial landscapes. Having knowledge of CAD will be helpful. The ideal candidate will have excellent hand graphics skills and be strong in formulating design concepts for projects. Must be able to digest and interpret design concepts and directions from the sales team and proceed with design development.

Does this sound like it’s for you?

Send resumes to:
Designer Hilltop Landscape
PO Box 10630
Albuquerque, NM 87184

Or by Email: admin@hilltoplandscaping.com


One more thing, if you get hired, we’ll supply the crayons. We’ll introduce our new Architect/Designer in a subsequent post.

*UPDATE*  This position has been filled.