Why, oh why, am I in the landscape business?

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As I write, it is the coldest day in Albuquerque in four decades (-10°F). The ground is frozen solid; very little work can be done. I could find this frustrating, but I have an email tucked away for days such as this:

Dear Jim and staff of Hilltop:

Every time I spend time in our beautiful back yard, I think of you guys and send a message of thanks for your hard work and ingenuity for creating our little sanctuary.

Moving from a much larger space in New Jersey, I wasn’t quite sure how it was all going to “work” here in Albuquerque. Meeting Jim Forrester and having him assure us that Hilltop could make something useful, interesting, and beautiful out of our little “sandbox” was really something we wanted to hear. I wasn’t so sure I really believed him at the time, but it was still nice to hear. We gave Hilltop the go ahead and the fun began. I think it took a total of 12 workdays, with the nicest and most  cooperative crew of guys there could be.

Our back yard is not really our back yard, it is another room to our wonderful Paul Allen Green home.  We eat outside, read outside, sway in our hanging hammocks while enjoying beautiful Albuquerque.

Thank you, Jo

What a joy to be a part of creating such a lasting and important addition to someone’s home and life! This couple moved to Albuquerque after living in many other cities. Joanne and her husband fell in love with New Mexico because of the beautiful skies and great outdoors. They chose a Paul Allen Home, and after getting several other proposals, chose Hilltop as their landscape contractor. She wanted a yard that would “Wow” her and it did!

This is a real-life transformation. Another one of the many reasons “why I am in the landscape business!”